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El Segundo, CA

Adaptogems Focus Lozenges

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Schisandra berry extract*, lemon balm extract*, rice syrup*, malic acid, natural flavor.
*Organic ingredient

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Kindroot's mango orange white tea lozenges boost mental alertness to help you focus throughout the day.

Contains exract from the schisandra berry, an adaptogenic berry packed with antioxidants, to help you improve mental focus and destress. 

How to Enjoy:

Unwrap a lozenge throughout the day as needed. 

Pack Size:

One 2.6oz bag with 20 lozenges. 

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El Segundo, CA

Respiratory issues and Alisa, founder + CEO of Kindroot, have been side by side since childhood. And boring lozenges loaded with sugar and irritants? They hadn’t changed. After a few work travel mishaps with messy adaptogenic powders...and after one too many crackly cough drops, it clicked. She became an herbalist apprentice, began assembling one gem of a team and Kindroot continues to grow!

Fun Fact: Gluten-free, vegan lozenge with only 2 g of sugar, hand-poured in Los Angeles.