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Lone Star Botanicals

Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tin (2 oz.)

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Ceremonial grade matcha green tea is the heart of the japanese way of tea. It’s been celebrated for centuries through the art of the traditional japanese tea ceremony. Made from the most tender, handpicked young leaves of the saemidori cultivar, it is one of the most powerful superfoods you can find today. With the most cancer-fighting antioxidants than any other form of tea and most foods, it has 10x the power of regular green tea.

How to enjoy:

Add 1 tsp of ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder to your cup while heating 4 oz of off-the-boil water. The ideal temperature for matcha is 175° or just off-the-boil.

Mix a small amount of the hot water with the matcha and whisk together to make a paste to prevent clumping.

Pour the remaining water into your cup and whisk again until slightly frothy. Enjoy as is, or add a touch of sweetener if you prefer.

Make an iced matcha tea using the same method as above, but filling your cup with ice and cold water instead after making a paste.

Pack Sizes:

2.0oz of matcha tea

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