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Our way: Transparent food system. Curated for customers. Protected by standards. 

• The BUBBLE platform allows you to capitalize on the fastest growing sales channel of direct to consumer shipping.

    • Expand your BUBBLE’s health and wellness focused national customer base, content engine and influencer network.

      • From real-time tracking to live support, we’re dedicated to making seamless deliveries and taking care of customers every step of the way!

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        Our team will review your products against our rigorous set of standards. 
        * If you need more industry insights, please review BUBBLE's 2020 resource guide.
        Approval & Invite
        All BUBBLE  Approved Goods will be confirmed with a letter and invite to our platform.
        *Disclaimer: Any additional samples or any not accepted will be donated to the NYC Food Bank. 

        Here's How!

        BUBBLE is a marketplace, not a retailer. Ship your clean label products directly to customers in search of the highest-quality health food!