Health Noob Collage

For the person who needs a health goods starter pack and loves a good cheat day,
we suggest giving the gift of what we like to call, Bubble Approved alternatives. Trust us, showing up with a 2.0 healthy version of their day one snacks automatically wins you major bonus points.

1. Lily Puffs  $19.99 (6 Pack)
Ever heard of the vegan, gluten free, corn free, and soy free twin of the infamous orange-staining cheesy snack, Cheetos? Lily Puffs delivers that same cheesy goodness and satisfying crunch in puffed water lily seeds. 
2. Rumble *NY and LA only*  $35
The perfect workout class for beginners. Rumble makes sure to keep it light and fun, but trust us, you’ll still be sure to break a sweat by the end of this class.

Who doesn’t love receiving sweets for the holidays, this is the perfect stocking stuffer to show someone you really care.

4. Classpass Gift Card   $45.00
Got a loved one who doesn’t want to commit to one workout? Give them the reigns to try any workout to their heart’s content.

One try and you’ll be swearing by this stuff. It’s the perfect starter kit for your friends who want to slowly get rid of chemical-laden products in their daily routines.

The king of comfort food, Mac and Cheese, just got a major upgrade with this 'cheesy' sauce made with whole ingredients like pumpkin, cashews, and turmeric.

Lifestyle brand, Goop just introduced a new luxury skincare line and we’re all about it. We can definitely get behind this introductory set that’s packed full of organic ingredients.

8. Airpods   $159.00
As Apple states: wireless, effortless, magical. These headphones are a game changer, especially for your workout game.

9. Vitamix Mini Blender   $379.95
The perfect kickstarter to the Vitamix world of smoothies and soups for your Health Noob friends.

For the cereal lovers in your life, this one’s groundbreaking. These alternatives to your sugary cereals are made from the leftover pulp of fruits, and is a major source of fiber.

11. Positive H2O   $59.99
The newest craze in bubbly H2O, Positive H2O is dramafree and contains no artificial ingredients.

12. Daily Harvest Gift Box   $75.00 
Convenience at its prime. Pick and choose your loved one’s favorite smoothie flavors in this box of 9 ready-to-make smoothies.