Written in the Stars: 2020 BUBBLE New Year Horoscope

Written in the Stars: 2020 BUBBLE New Year Horoscope

Calling all stargazers and foodies alike, another new year is upon us. If you're stuck on what resolutions or diet you need to commit to for 2020, we've got you covered on what you should really be munching on for the most ambitious year yet!


Aries - Hazelnut Chocolate Spread
Get ready for an adventure as you get pushed out of your comfort zone this year, Aries! You’ll be expanding your horizons and moving on to do bigger and better things.


Taurus - D.I.Y Kombucha
Taurus, there’s going to be some unexpected changes in your life this year. With all the good fortune and good vibes coming in 2020, it could be the big break you’re looking for! 


Gemini - Saffron Latte 
Love is in the air for you this year, Gemini! If you’re in a relationship, you will become even closer to your current partner; if you’re single, someone is coming your way.


Cancer - Wellness Elixir
Cancer, be thankful for what you have in life! Avoid over-optimism and greed, as taking more than what you need could create tension with other people.


Leo - Coffee 
Face your problems head-on and become a #boss this year, Leo. You may feel a heavy sense of responsibility and lack of freedom, but by fighting your adversity directly, you can break free from whatever is holding you back.


Virgo - Vitamins
Virgo, it’s going to be a busy year for you. Get ready to impress at work, which won’t be difficult because you’ll be blessed with mental alertness and clear thinking.


Libra - Savory Nut Butter
Get ready to ride the train of success, Libra! Everything you ever dreamt of might come true this year, and your hard work and talent will push you to the stars.


Scorpio - Vinegar
Scorpio, you’re going to make it rain this year! You’re about to experience some financial growth through new opportunities in your job.


Sagittarius - Sparkling Tea
It’s all about the family for you this year, Sagittarius. By focusing on building these relationships, you’re going to have a supportive group as your rock.


Capricorn - Turmeric
Capricorn, your patience will grow this year as you become more #zen. You’ll meet new people, push your limits, and grow to your fullest potential.


Aquarius - Tea 
With a series of adventures and challenges coming your way, Aquarius, this year will definitely be one of the most memorable. Depending on your choices, you will either experience extreme success or extreme challenges, but you will definitely ~grow.~

Pisces - Herbal Remedy
Pisces, be on the lookout for opportunities coming your way. Failure to take advantage of them can lead to some loss, especially in your love life. 




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