Whip it Up: Merry Matcha Latte

Whip it Up: Merry Matcha Latte

(Photo: Mizuba Matcha)

Whether it be used in lattes or baked goods, matcha always finds a way into many foods and drinks. Not only is it famous for its versatility, but it’s also a known powerful source of antioxidants to give you sustained energy throughout the day, making it a perfect alternative if you’re tired of your everyday caffeine fix. Since matcha drinks are a go-to for many, Mizuba Tea Co. is here to show you how you can take it a step further and brew two kinds of matcha tea from the comfort of your home with their Daily Mizuba Matcha, made with matcha from Uji, Japan. Grab your matcha and get to brewing your very own traditional, ceremonial style tea!



(Photo: Mizuba Matcha)
  1. To create a thick tea, scoop two matcha scoops (roughly ½-1 full teaspoon) into a cup or tea bowl. If you want a stronger tea, use more matcha!
  2. Pour an ounce of hot water into the tea and use a bamboo tea whisk (known as a Chasen) to gently knead out the clumps from the tea.  This wakes up the tea leaves and gets rid of any clumps for a smoother tea!  
  3. Enjoy your thick tea with a sweet treat to balance out the intensity of the tea with something a little sweeter.
  4. For a thin tea, add 4-6 more ounces of hot water into the tea bowl and use the bamboo whisk to create a frothier tea. 
  5. Optional: Feel free to add your favorite milk for a matcha latte!


Contributor: Lauren, Founder and CEO of Mizuba Tea Co

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