What Tidying Up with Marie Kondo Can Teach Us About Clean Eating

What Tidying Up with Marie Kondo Can Teach Us About Clean Eating

Have you been asking yourself if that miscellaneous item in your home sparks joy? Have you been obsessively folding your t-shirts? Are you guilty of falling absolutely intrigued and somewhat obsessed with organization queen, Marie Kondo’s new Netflix series?

Here at BUBBLE, we fully dedicate ourselves to elevating clean eating and during our Netflix binge watching excursions of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, there’s one thing Kondo made us realize: clean eating doesn’t start and end in our food choices, another major contributing factor is our environment.
Marie Kondo Netflix
Tidying isn’t just another fad, a study by Environment and Behavior Journal found that cluttered, chaotic kitchens are more likely to spark vulnerability to unhealthy food choices, while a clean kitchen encourages clean eating.
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Sold on stepping up your clean eating game? Time to hop on the KonMari train with the top 6 lessons we can apply to our kitchens:

1. Take a look around
Tupperware Drawer
How much time can you dedicate to tidying your kitchen? Not everyone has the luxury to go through their entire kitchens using the KonMari method in one day, so make sure you're prepared and can set aside enough time to finish what you started. Strategically plan out which drawers you want to tackle first, perhaps start off with your junk drawer or the dreaded tupperwares.

2. The 1 million dollar question, “does it spark joy?”
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After determining your time capabilities, collect all of your items and lay them out where you can see all of them at once, this is the time to ask yourself what you would like to keep!

3. Tackle The Junk Drawer
Marie Kondo Netflix
Most of the things in our junk drawer are things we think will “come in handy” in the future. Kondo believes that “it never will.” Trust her, you’re not gonna need that extra deck of cards hiding behind the matches.

4. Always stack vertically
After determining what it is you are keeping, it’s time to think about storage. According to Kondo, stacking vertically will help you see everything easily.

5. Out of sight, out of mind
Think of a toaster versus a blender, chances are you're more likely to toast that piece of bread in the morning when your toaster is conveniently on the counter rather than blending a smoothie when your Vitamix is stored away. Carefully consider all of the items and appliances you place on your counters.

6. Donate, do not throw away
Whether or not an item has served you well, consider donating or giving that item a new home!

Now you're ready to tackle your kitchen the KonMari way!

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