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Everyone and their grandmother knows that THC (aka tetrahydrocannabinol) is that magical chemical compound found in weed that serves as the primary psychoactive in cannabis. Long story short, THC is the stuff that makes you feel wavy AF. But CBD (aka cannabinol) is a whole other matter. If THC went to to LSU (Go Tigers!), then CBD is the pocket-protector wearing cousin that graduated from Johns Hopkins with honors.

While both THC and CBD have medicinal qualities, it's the THC that binds to CB1 receptors which are found in your brain, that’s when you pop in Pineapple Express and start eating Chex Mix. CBD, on the other hand, has the same commitment issues to CB1 receptors as the Chad you swiped right on last week. CBD just doesn’t get attached to CB1 receptors, which means no high, no Doritos and you can have one more glass of rosé.

So what does CBD do exactly? Some common uses for CBD are (but not limited to):


Which, if you ask us, is pretty dope (no pun intended).

But THC and CBD both come from weed, right? So what does that mean when the DEA is pounding on your door while you’re eating some CBD-loaded Hershey’s Kisses? Well in most states, you’re totally in the clear. While CBD is classified as a Schedule I drug under federal law (and therefore technically illegal), 46 states allow for “low THC, high CBD” products for medical reasons. Access to these products are limited but it’s also growing. Your best bet on getting your hands on some of that CBD goodness is online through various purveyors, going to legal dispensaries, or just heading over to Seth Rogen’s house.

So, after an exhaustive search (we literally took naps in between), we here at Bubble have compiled our top 10 fave CBD edibles that will change the way you snack:

1. Sakara Life’s Rest + Relax Chocolates

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Raw, gluten-free, vegan, and organic, these CBD infused chocolate pyramids are LEGIT. Just the right amount of sweetness with a very mild earthy aftertaste, they’re a great alternative (or companion 😉) to a glass of merlot at the end of the day.

2. Hemplucid’s CBD MCT Oil

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While not the most fun to consume (squeeze a couple of drops under the tongue, count to sixty, and swallow), Endoca’s CBD Hemp Oil Drops are the express train to chill town. It’s specially designed to be absorbed quickly by the body and in no time, you’ll feel the effects. But at $57.95 for 30 ml, make sure you don’t mistake it for massage oil.


3. Not Pot Chocolate Not Pot / via
Did you think there was only going to be one chocolate product on our list? PFFFT. Not Pot’s kickass product hides a few secrets up its sleeves: the CBD they use is derived from hemp instead of marijuana (which makes it… super legal?) it includes a touch of Ashwagandha, an Ayurvedic herb that combats stress. And finally, the chocolate is made with maple sugar, which is low glycemic and enjoyed by Canadians everywhere. So chocolatey, soothing, and Canadian 🍁. Is this chocolate actually DRAKE?


4. Rawligion’s CBD Mylk

Rawligion / via
Spelling issues aside, Rawligion’s Mylk is actually a delicious alternative way to consume CBD instead of oil and chocolate. The London-based juice bar is putting out an almond/hemp based dairy-free product that relaxes and soothes the mind. While it’s not available for delivery stateside yet, the fact that it seems to loosen up our uptight British pals means a visit might have to be on the cards.


5. Iris’ Sugar Free Vegan Chocolate

Iris Gummies / via
The only thing better than CBD chocolate is MORE CBD chocolate. Iris’ chocolate bars only have three ingredients: cacao, Monk fruit extract, and 50mg of hemp CBD oil. So you can brag to your fellow CBDiehards that you’re basically eating the master cleanse version of CBD chocolate bars (while still eating chocolate).


6. Green RoadsCBD Wax

Green Roads World / via
Wax love got to do with it?!? Sorry, we’ll stop. A malleable CBD concentrate, CBD wax can be vaporized or mixed into a hot beverage, hemp tea anyone? Or if you prefer, you can always dab it.


7. CBD Living Water

CBD Living Water / via @CBDLivingWater
That’s right: you can quench your thirst AND relax at the same time! CBD Living Water’s site uses phrases like “nanotechnology”, “quantum physics”, and “pH” to describe their hyper-effective water that we don’t quite understand. We just know it’s great and we never slept this good after drinking a bottle of Poland Spring.


8. Iris’ Vegan Gummy Cubes

Iris Gummies / via

Unlike most CBD edibles of the gummy variety that are filled with artificial sugars and dyes 🤢, these vegan gummy cubes are all natural and contains no BS
(bad stuff). The cubes are naturally sweetened with organic tapioca syrup and organic cane sugar that adds just the right amount of sweetness.


9. Green Roads’ Fruit & Hemp

Green Roads World / via @greenroadsworldh
#Throwback to Fruit Roll-Ups, one of the most ubiquitous lunch-time snacks of the 90’s. Green Roads’ Fruit & Hemp is a 6-inch long dehydrated fruit strip that will take you from your childhood to CHILL-hood 😜. And you know we love a short ingredient list here at Bubble, so these fruit strips that include nothing else but broad-spectrum hemp oil, strawberries, and agave gets an A+ in our book 💯.


10. Lulu’s Chocolate Hearts

Lulu’s Chocolate / via
Okay okay, last one, we promise. We just couldn’t complete the list without mentioning Lulu’s AWESOME chocolate hearts. Made with cacao, real vanilla bean, sea salt, coconut sugar, and CBD (obvi), this stuff is the real deal. As an added bonus, Lulu’s chocolate is certified as fair trade, so you can relax knowing that this chocolate was made with a little more love than most ❤️.


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