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The Next Royal Baby is Going to Be Put Through a Clean Eating Plan

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is about to give birth to the next royal baby any time this month of April, and with that special event comes a lot of talk about the possible names for the baby and the baby’s gender-free, monochromatic, vegan nursery, but the biggest topic making its rounds is the baby’s diet plan.

Markle, who practices specific lifestyle diets herself from veganism to clean label eating is looking to raise her royal baby as a vegan, but according to Woman’s Day, “the Queen won’t have it,” and it has been creating a slight family feud between Prince Harry and Markle.

While many have scrutinized Markle’s decision, it is not entirely impossible for babies to thrive as vegans. A plant-based diet, planned and done correctly with the adequate amount of daily nutrients, is appropriate for all stages of life, from infancy to adolescence.

While the birth of a vegan royal baby may seem far from reality, one thing’s for sure, Markle will be prioritizing a clean eating lifestyle for the royal baby. Markle has began this initiative during her pregnancy, becoming more aware of the foods and labels that she’s putting in her body. Markle is also set on focusing on a clean eating plan for the royal baby, by making homemade baby food and being hyper-aware of labels and products.

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