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Is CBD about to be 99cents?

arizona iced teaCollaged: BUBBLE

AriZona Iced Tea’s association with 99 cent prices and turquoise packaging make it a convenience store cult-classic. Now you can add weed infused products to the list. Just in time for National CBD Day, AriZona announced a licensing deal with Denver-based cannabis seller Dixie Brands Inc, known for its weed vaporizers, candy, and topical creams, in making CBD-infused products according to The Wall Street Journal

arizona iced teaPhoto: @drinkarizona

Contrary to what AriZona already sells, the company will start with vapes and  gummies and expand to beverages in the future. As of now, California, Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, and Nevada will be the first few states to be exposed to the brand but AriZona plans to cover the rest of the United States and internationally depending on regulation. 

arizona iced tea
Photo: @drinkarizona

But as CBD infused products becomes more common in the food industry, distribution of CBD across borders is still illegal. This licensing deal brings a lot into question such as price and whether we’ll have to hide our CBD AriZona’s in paper bags.

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