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How A Wrinkly Orange Started Gaining Instagram Clout

Instagram clout or popularity is pretty hard to gain, but that’s not the case for an unlikely orange resembling a sumo wrestler with its large size and signature top bun.

Sumo Oranges have been all the rage lately after Eva Chen — Director of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram —  displayed rave reviews about the wrinkly orange on her Instagram Stories. 

And the Instagram crowd wasn’t about to miss out, Chen’s followers and fans were quick to run to their grocery stores to pick up the in-season produce. Sumo Oranges have even infiltrated ASMR Youtube Vloggers.

So what’s all the hype about? These lumpy lil guys sell for upwards to $3.99 per pound! But there’s definitely reason behind it’s expensive price tag. The citrus was cultivated in Japan and is a hybrid between a mandarin and a pomelo giving it an extremely sweet citrusy taste.

Besides its sweet taste, it takes at least 4 years for its tree to start bearing fruit with a once-a-year winter availability, adding a limited drop factor to the oranges. On top of all that, it’s also extremely user-friendly with its seedless and super easy to peel skin.

Sumo Oranges are a great source of Vitamin C and can give your immune system a boost! So if you want in on the hype, make sure you run to your nearest grocer and get your hands on these babies before they’re gone till next year!

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