Spread Holiday Chill: CBD is (almost) legal in the United States

Spread Holiday Chill: CBD is (almost) legal in the United States

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We deemed CBD one of our top 10 trend predictions for 2019, and rightfully so, just two weeks before the new year, the controversial superfood ingredient has already got everyone talking again.





For the health noobs who need a refresher: CBD is the non-psychoactive chemical compound known to aid relaxation, treat insomnia and inflammation. The compound is even seeing lots of mainstream hype with memes surrounding subject: *Pours CBD oil on entire life*

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Now let's briefly talk politics:  

Just this week, legislation voted to pass the US Farm Bill, which if passed and signed by the POTUS Donald Trump, removes hemp from the federal list of controlled substances and allows hemp farmers to apply for crop insurance.


So what does the deregulation of hemp mean for CBD?

The Drug Enforcement Administration labels CBD as a Schedule I narcotics. With the deregulation of hemp, which CBD can be extracted from, the illegal stamp on CBD can essentially become removed aiding the growth of the already prospering market and hopefully encouraging an increase in legitimate research behind CBD's effects. 

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With this continued deregulation, we’ll be able to see more corner stores restocking their shelves with CBD gummies and topicals. While this means progress for the superfood ingredient, there’s still a need to be careful of available CBD products. Some could be misleading and fail to show the exact ingredients contained inside.

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That is why for the upcoming new year, BUBBLE has high hopes that CBD is a category that will soon be hitting our virtual shelves as the muddy legislation continues to clear. In the meantime, check out some of the #BUBBLEapproved CBD brands helping us stay chill af through the holidays:

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