Shop Female-Powered

Shop Female-Powered

Give the gift of female-empowerment! For the grandmothers, mother, aunts, daughters, and sisters in your life… the best gifts are made by women for women.

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The Qi's Floral Infusion Tea Collection ($36): Inspired by thousands of years of eastern holistic healing and wisdoms, The Qi offers beautiful, delicious, and nutritious flower infusions in tea form. Give the gift of flowers, and drink it too! Check out all their flavors here!






Gem's 30-Day Peppermint Vitamin Bite ($49): Know someone who hates taking vitamins? This is the gift for her. Made with 13 plant-based ingredients this multi-vitamin provides more than 15+ vitamins and minerals in just one bite! Formulated to target beauty, stress, energy and mood, this vitamin was created by women for women everywhere. Check out all their flavors here!





Kalumi's Cocoa Kiss Collagen Protein Bar ($54/9-Pack): These gluten-free, marine collagen protein bars make the perfect stocking-stuffer! Kalumi’s mission is to provide effortless beauty anywhere and everywhere because beauty shouldn’t be unattainable. Cocoa Kiss is like a rich chocolate brownie, packed with 12g of collagen protein. We’re making sure our name is on Santa’s nice list. Check out all their flavors here!



Goldmine's Adaptogen Powder + Supershroom Immunity Support Gift Set ($47): Built by burned out millennials, Goldmine is a wellness brand on a mission to create natural stress solutions. Each blend is herbalist-forumulated to help ease stress on the mind and boost energy and improve overall wellness. Since 2020 was well, 2020 . . . we all know someone who was stressed out, this is the perfect all-natural remedy to keep calm for 2021! 



Phasey's Pepita Flax Seed Cycle Blend Phase 1+2 ($12): We all know someone who has an unplanned series of period disasters and reproductive adventures. Each of Phasey's Seed Cycle Blend focuses on a women's menstrual cycle phase. Phase-based nutrition built by whole foods. BONUS POINTS: Phasey may help reduce mood swings, cramps, and irregular cycles. Check out all their flavors here!





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