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BUBBLE's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Health Bo$$

We all have that one friend who just seems to have it all together. They never miss a workout and they barely have cheat days. They are the friend who is always up to date on all the health, nutrition, and fashion trends. These gifts can take your friends fitness and wellbeing to the next level! Hook them up with some of the best and most nutritional goodies
to step up their game even more so!


 Health Noob

For the person who isn’t exactly the biggest health snob and treats everyday like a cheat day, we suggest giving the gift of what we like to call, BUBBLE Approved swaps. These swaps have all the indulgence your friend craves but now with a clean label.  Because real love is putting them onto better and healthier, 2.0 versions of their day one snacks.


Bad and Boujee

So what do you get that friend who has it all? These products are newer to the market and it's a good bet that your friend probably doesn't have them yet. These wellness gifts will make your friend feel healthy and still boujee. Check out the Louis, Gucci, Fendi, and Prada of the health food world.


Baller on a Budget

Here at BUBBLE we’re always ballin’ on a budget. While we all would love to spoil our friends and family rotten sometimes, that isn’t always feasible. Here you can find the perfect stocking stuffers and secret Santa presents that really shows you care.


Viva La Vegan

Looking for a gift for the friend who loves food but sometimes it's impossible to find something they can eat? You've come to the right place! BUBBLE has the perfect gift ideas for your friends with dietary restrictions that may fall under the Vegan category. Give them the gift of Viva La Vegan goodies and more!

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