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BUBBLE’s Top 10 Health Food Trend Predictions for 2020

  1. Saffron — More Than Just An Expensive Paella Ingredient 

    This expensive ingredient is much more than just a must-have ingredient for your paella, the end of 2019 introduced saffron into health food in the form of vegan lattes to Ayurvedic chocolates. Thanks to its functional benefits as an antioxidant and potential mood booster, food makers are calling to its ancient medicinal properties and incorporating it into the foods they love.

  2. Collagen — Apply Your Skincare and Eat it Too
    As skin care continues to dethrone makeup as a top seller in the beauty industry, the move to nurture one’s skin from within continues to grow in parallel. As more and more are realizing that your diet plays a massive role in the appearance of your skin, we’re seeing more functional foods include collagen as a star ingredient. We’ve seen collagen in the form of delicious brownies to travel-friendly drink tonics so achieving that covetable, glowy skin has never been easier.
  3. Savory Nut Butters — Skip The Skippy 
    Skip the Skippy, it’s 2020 and we’re swooshing and dipping are grilled veggies and proteins with a little less sweet and a little more savory. We’ve seen a number of food makers satisfy their cravings for a nutty flavor bomb by churning out nut butters with twists from truffle to Indian flavors.

  4. Non-Alcoholic/Low Alcohol Beverages — The White Claw, Elevated 
    We predicted the growth of this trend in 2019 and it did not disappoint as we saw a number of startups pop up throughout the entire year with a focus on bringing low/non alcoholic products to market. The growth of spiked sparkling seltzers like White Claw is undeniable, but these low-proof drinks are more than just the perfect drink for light weights some even provide functional benefits like JuneShine, a hard kombucha for those who want a side of buzz with their probiotics.
  5. Yerba Mate — Peace Out Matcha 
    Yerba mate has been around forever but it never really received its time in the spotlight as trendy matcha reigned as the supreme tea leaf, coffee bean alternative. Yerba mate is a traditional South American drink with the same energizing effect of coffee without the crash of caffeine, the same antioxidants, immune system boost, and mental clarity that matcha can bring. Companies are expanding beyond tea leaves steeped regularly in hot water and including it as a main ingredient in sparkling drinks.
  6. Alt-Flours — Veggie meets Carbs 

    The keto lifestyle -- high fat, low carb -- has seen a continued growth of bandwagoners in 2019, and it’s only seen to grow more so in the new year. This means more room for alternative, low carb options which brings us to the growth of different types of vegetable flours! We’ve seen vegetables infiltrate the realm of carbs in the form of cauliflower gnocchis and chickpea pizza crusts and we’re excited to see what more is in store for 2020.

  7. Water Lily Puffs — Beyond Cheesy Puffed Snacks 
    In 2019 we bid adieu to Cheetos as Water Lily Puffs successfully infiltrated the cheesy puffed snacks aisle. The future for water lily puffs is only up from here as we continue to see more brands experiment with the ancient Ayurvedic ingredient from a truffle flavor to a sweet and classic Cracker Jack.

  8. Ugly Foods — No Food Left Behind 

    From Misfit Market to Imperfect Foods we’ve seen a bunch of companies see success in 2019. These brands are addressing the growing problem of food waste by making imperfect produce trendy. There are also brands like Pulp Pantry who are making an impact with a product made of fresh vegetable juice pulp.
  9. Easy Access Food — Bridging the Gap for Food Desserts 
    According to Nielsen, 48% of consumers look for locally sourced foods that are grown and produced close to home. While many are lucky enough to have a number of healthy options at their disposal, this isn’t always the case. As more and more people are running their grocery errands from the comfort of their own homes, we’re seeing more e-commerce brands like BUBBLE open up the ability for those to easily find healthy options wherever they may be located.

  10. Clean Label — A Growing Industry 
    The clean label ingredients market is expected to be valued at $51.14 billion worldwide, by 2024. Both new and older generations are becoming more hyper aware of labels and the food they are putting inside their bodies. This growing consumer demand for clean label, consumer packaged goods comes is driven by health issues associated with food safety and consuming artificial food additives.

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