BUBBLE Book Club | Well + Good Cookbook

BUBBLE Book Club | Well + Good Cookbook

Well + Good

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Welcome to BUBBLE’s book club! Every month we'll be introducing you to the books we're loving and the cookbooks we're cooking from. This month, we’re looking at Well + Good 100 Healthy Recipes + Expert Advice For Better Living.

Well + Good Founders, Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula curated 100 delish and easy to whip up recipes from 100 influential figures in the wellness industry spanning from medical professionals, athletes, to organization queen, Marie Kondo and more. The lifestyle focused digital media company garners 12 million online readers per month, and this cookbook brings Well + Good IRL and in the physical hands of their loyal readers.

The book is broken down based on different meals and snacks throughout the day. And similar to BUBBLE’s platform, each item or in this case, recipe, is labeled with the specific lifestyles they fall under from vegan, Paleo, gluten-free and keto, to assure that there's something for everyone. It also goes into specific benefits and functions, such as better skin, sleep, digestion, mood, energy, focus, and sex.

Here's BUBBLE's top 3 picks:

1. “PMS-Busting” Brownies - Contributor: Entrepreneur, Alissa Vitti

There’s no better time to indulge on fudgy and chocolaty brownies than that special time of the month. Who knew these gluten-free and vegan version are just what you need to balance estrogen levels and help with bloating.

2. Jalapeño Vegan Burrito - Contributor: Athlete, Venus Williams

A true ACE of a recipe, this burrito with a spicy kick is super easy to whip up and perfect for a post workout meal.

3. Shaved Radicchio, Parmesan + Truffle Pizza | Contributor: Actress, Lea Michelle

Gluten-free pizza with truffles and parmesan, topped off with a runny yolk, this versatile dish promotes better digestion and improved focus.

Get your own copy HERE!

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