BUBBLE Approved April Fools Jokes on Instagram

BUBBLE Approved April Fools Jokes on Instagram

It's that one day in the year where everyone falls wary of the things they hear online because fake news is likely just around the corner. So cue Drake's Trust Issues, here are a list of BUBBLE's favorite April Fools jokes on Instagram that made us giggle a lil'.

1. @popup.grocer - We highly relate to the sass in this caption.

2. @Banza - We actually need this in our lives.

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You asked, and we answered. Or rather, you smelled it, and we dealt it! Proud to introduce our newest line of products: Pasta Scents. The same great taste you know and love, now in three nose-delighting air fresheners with double the intensity of traditional household odor eliminators. This innovation was inspired by feedback we often hear from our harshest critics: "Banza doesn't make any scents." Well that all changes today. So go on, hit those musty linens with a mist of Fettuccine Alfredo. Want to ditch that new car smell? Ba-bam, Linguine with Clams! Replace the lingering stench of your roommate's boring dinner with the enchanting fragrance of Spaghetti & Meatballs. "Banza hits it right on the nose," writes The Washington Post. "Get a whiff of this!" says Buzzfeed. So what are you waiting for? Stop breathing boring air. Order the odors at the link in our bio.

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3. @geteveryday - Because when you're about to go fry up under the sun, you might as well smell like bacon... Is this Keto compliant?

4. @vanleeuwen - Taking their vegan ice creams up a notch.

5. @homesickcandles - If you ever want to trigger bad memories for that one friend who overpaid for that Fyre Festival ticket.

6.@williamsburgpizza - When you want to have a guilty pleasure snack but you're on a cleanse, charcoal pizza might just be the answer.

7. @hypebae - The no-make up make-up look has never been easier to achieve.

8.@bonappetit - When our favorite Bon Appetit shows dabble in ASMR. 

9. @supermoonbakehouse - 2 words: Supermoon Steakhouse.

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🚨Huge Announcement🚨we will be CLOSING PERMANENTLY tomorrow and relaunching next week as SUPERMOON STEAKHOUSE. The reality is that rent is not cheap in NYC and to survive we needed to serve a product that we could literally charge whatever we wanted for and people would pay for it. On top of that, we had to listen to our customers demands. We get hundreds of emails & DM’s every week asking us “why don’t you make steak?” “Do you serve steak?” “Do you accept credit card payment, for steak that is” & “I think there’s a typo on your website, it says Bakehouse, but obviously you weren’t stupid enough to open that in NYC, so I’m guessing you’re a Steakhouse”. It just all added up in the end. But don’t worry, will still offer a complimentary croissant with every $300 steak that is ordered, this way everyone is happy. #aprilfools

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10. @getintothebubble - When one of the biggest guilty pleasure junk foods, Hot    Cheetos, makes its BUBBLE debut.

Hot Cheetos


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