8 CBD Products For Every Time Of The Day

8 CBD Products For Every Time Of The Day

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Navigating CBD might seem a bit tough at first. In the meantime, here are 8 CBD products to get you started on your journey to exploring the non psychoactive compound and when to best use each product.*

Laka Living

 1. Morning Guap - LAKA Living’s Entrepreneur’s Guap

We’re smothering all our favorite breakfast staples with this sprouted almond butter spiked with adaptogens, amino acids, and CBD! LAKA Living is all about the hustle, so start your morning off strong by topping your oatmeal, smoothie bowls, pancakes, or fruits with this delish butter.

Just CBD

2. Morning Dropper - Just CBD's Honey Tincture

Just CBD’s Liquid Honey Tincture offers real quick effectiveness. Drop into your coffee or tea to start your day off on a relaxing and therapeutic note. The robust honey flavor adds a bit of sweetness to your morning cup. And if you’re not one to have a ton of time in the morning, drop under your tongue for a quick CBD fix.

Potli Hot Oil


3. Hot Sauce In My Bag - Potli's Hemp Infused Chili Oil

Rooted from a family recipe that’s been passed down from generations and continents, this mini chili oil is just about the cutest thing! We like to keep one on the ready inside our bags... just in case we come across a boring lunch situation.



4. Snack Break -- Tesse's Turmeric Ginger Tahini Bites

These tahini bites are infused with 10mg of full spectrum, hemp extract. Their turmeric ginger flavor is just the perfect balance of sweet and spicy, making it the perfect snack to hold us over to the end of the day.


Luce Farms Honey

5. Midday Pick Me Up - Luce Farm’s Hemp Infused Honey

This raw vermont honey is perfect by the spoonful, especially when you feel like you might be catching a cold. The healing properties of honey are amplified that much more with the infusion of CBD.


Go Basic


6. Sweet Ending - Go Basic Edible's Chocolate

If you’re like us who can’t finish dinner without ending it with something sweet, these chocolate bites are for you. Go Basic pairs CBD with raw cacao, cacao butter, date paste, and a touch of himalayan sea salt to create these perfect tiny bites!

Just CBD bath bomb

7. Bath Time Chill - Just CBD's Bath Bomb

CBD is also super effective when used topically. And this bath bomb is just what we need when we’re due for some major decompressing after a long day hunched over a desk. The sweet scent will melt your worries away and help you truly unwind when you get home.


Sweet Reason

8. Nightcap - Sweet Reason's Sparkling Water

Although Sweet Reason creates flavors perfect for any time of the day, these drinks are a perfect ending to a long day. These sparkly drinks are infused with 10 mg of CBD and natural fruits for a touch of sweetness.


 *It is important to keep track of the dosage of CBD consumed per day.

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