Written In The Stars: 2019 Horoscope Health Food Edition

Written In The Stars: 2019 Horoscope Health Food Edition

Calling all stargazers and foodies alike, another new year is upon us. If you're stuck on what resolutions or diet you need to commit to for 2019, we've got you covered on what you should really be munching on for the most ambitious year yet!

Libra - Turmeric Tonic
Libra, 2019 is your most ambitious year yet, especially when it comes to your career. You'll be taking on lots of responsibilities but you'll still be trying your best to make sure balance is kept within all aspects of your life. This perfect blend of turmeric, ginger, and other wellness boosting botanicals will be your go-to tonic to help bring about a healthy and balanced new year.

Taurus - Kale Chips
Taurus, you are one of the most reliable and generous, you'll be laser focused and pouring your heart on work even more so this upcoming year. Because of this, luck will be on your side, rewarding you with big accomplishments. Let these energizing and delish Kale Chips power you through the long yet rewarding work weeks ahead.

Aquarius - Fruit Jerky
Lots of good luck is in order for your new year, Aquarius. Because you are always mindful of your surroundings and environment, you'll be super productive in looking for alternatives to make the world a better place. This alt-jerky will be your first contribution to achieving all your new years goals.

Aries - Chaga Powder
Aries live life on the edge, seeking adventure at every corner. But it's not all going to be fun and adventure this year without putting in hard work.  This medicinal, "King of Plants" will be your newest discovery to power through a year of exciting surprises. Promise you'll be seeing the fruits of your labor in no time.

Capricorn - Protein Bar
Capricorn, this year you must be extra cautious as you will feel more pressure than ever to make sure everything is under control for 2019. You'll scour for the perfect, clean snack that'll help you in your fast-pace life this upcoming year. And since you won't be taking anyone's BS this upcoming year, you'll be needing these no junk, raw protein bars to fill you up when you're always on the go.

Virgo - Tincture
Virgos, you have one of the best intuitions so remember to always trust it as you go through some trouble trying to figure out your status in your relationships early this year. You'll feel a little lost, so you may or may not need an anxiety ally tincture to give you an extra boost.

Scorpio - Raw Bliss Balls
Scorpios, this year is the year all of your efforts will be rewarded, but that doesn't mean you can stop being productive. Be sure to always keep the efforts up this upcoming year. On the other hand, your love life will stay sweet as ever so these hand-rolled, made with love, bliss balls will fall right under your love list this new year.

Pisces, 2019 is the year you dare to step out of your comfort zone. Although you seek sweetness in your everyday life, the new year means adding a little spice to your life. This mild sriracha offers sweetness packed with tomatoes, spinach, butternut squash, but with a spicy kick. You're gonna want to have this condiment on the ready at all times.

Sagittarius - Nut Butter
2019 will be a super positive year for you, Sagittarius. All your hard work in the past year will be coming to fruition, you'll be traveling and sharing stories about your latest exotic adventure. This nut butter infused with Chinese medicinal herbs will be the next discovery you'll be boasting about to all your friends.

Geminis are pros at balancing multiple things at once while never forgetting about the importance of their health. This ability to multitask and become extra productive means you'll be seeing success in almost all aspects of your life this year. The sweet life will have you spreading this indulgent honey ghee on just about everything, knowing well that you're also getting your fill of nutritious and healthy superfoods.

Leo - Matcha
This year you're gonna want to change it up a little. You'll stop making safe decisions and doing the same routine everyday. That can even mean as little as dropping your basic, coffee with a splash of milk order, and changing it up with exotic matcha. Don't worry, you still won't settle for second grade. So when it comes to the perfect matcha latte, only the smoothest, hand-picked, ceremonial grade matcha is acceptable.

Cancer, some minor mishaps may catch you off guard in the beginning of 2019 in which you're gonna want to turn to your favorite comfort foods. You'll be all over this cashew cheesy sauce that's the healthier, adult version of your favorite childhood comfort food. But not to worry, you're bound to accomplish your goals and see positive outcomes by the end of the year.

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