Written in the Stars: 2019 BUBBLE Fall Horoscope

Written in the Stars: 2019 BUBBLE Fall Horoscope

Calling all stargazers and foodies alike, another season has passed. Happy first day of Fall! What snack are you? Find out what’s in store for you on this sweater weather season.

Aries - Vitamins

Be ready to blossom and become a social butterfly this season, Aries! This is the time to foster new relationships and strengthen existing ones, with even the potential for love. To keep up all your energy, take some WTHN Fully Charged Vitamins. They’re as bright and fun as you are!

Taurus - Energy Drink 

Taurus, as focused as you are on work and becoming a #boss, it’s time for you to start focusing on your health. If you haven’t taken advantage of any spa days or are on the fence about that 5k, the stars are telling you to just do it. To keep you fueled, drink Halo Sport’s Pink Lemonade quencher and get to running!





Gemini - Chocolates

Let your creativity shine this autumn, Gemini! Get ready for a fun time as you hone in on your skills. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, sweeten up your life with Eat Chic’s chocolates that will give you all the energy you need to keep moving and grinding!



Cancer - Matcha
Cancer, get ready to do some growing and reflecting this fall. With your plans slowing, take the time for some introspection and begin to focus on your long-term goals. Sip on some matcha courtesy of Glow Flow Chefs as you look within.

Leo - Oat Milk Lattes
Time to hit the books this school season, Leo! Whether you’re in school or working, this fall will be a time for you to learn and challenge yourself. As you cozy up to read a book or watch a documentary, sip on some Rise lattes and get on that grind.

Virgo Sichuan Chili Oil
Virgo, look out for some new opportunities to move to a new city or make some extra cash. That new start you’ve been looking for is waiting for you! Get ready to spice up your life and your food by adding Fly by Jing’s Sichuan Chili Crisp on your fav veggies or even ice cream. 
Libra - Hydration Mix

This season is for you to go all out, Libra! Get ready for some extravagant moments throughout the fall as you thrive financially. To keep you feeling ready and fueled each day, take some Cure Hydration after a fun night out.








Scorpio - Adaptogen Powder
What’s love got to do with it? For you Scorpio, love will have to do with everything this season. Get ready to experience love as you’ve never felt it before. Sweeten your life even more with Dope Naturally’s Arouse Me that’s as happy as you are!

SagittariusBrownie Bar
You’ve been focusing a lot on your health and fitness this past year, Sagittarius, and it’s going to pay off in autumn! You’ll be living your best life and feeling the happiest and healthiest you’ve ever been. After a hard workout, grab some of Hey Frida’s chocolate brownie bar and snack without feeling guilty.

Hazelnut Spread

Capricorn, let your creative side shine! With the stars aligning, you will have the time to look within and express yourself in new ways. If you’ve been wanting to get into painting or even jewelry designing, now is the time! For the perfect snack, try a scoop of BUBBLE’s very own Hella!

Superfood Bites

It’s time for you to widen your horizons, Aquarius! After focusing on your home and family, you finally have the time to travel. Whether you’re jet-setting or learning a new language, remember to leave time to relax by trying some of SMPL’s bites.

Pisces - Adaptogenic Tea
Pisces, after a series of ups and downs, it’s time to pick yourself up from heartbreak. Invest your time into family and friends or pick up a hobby you’ve been wanting to try. Push yourself to try new snacks and drinks: Down to Earth’s Revival tea will be your go-to this season!

Illustrations by: Felicity Yick

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