Bubble's First In-House Product, Hella, Sold Out For The Fourth Time

Bubble's First In-House Product, Hella, Sold Out For The Fourth Time

For Bubble’s first branded product, the company seeks to disrupt a category full of less-than-healthy offerings with the introduction of Hella, a new, better-for-you cocoa hazelnut spread. Made with just three organic ingredients - roasted hazelnuts, coconut sugar, cacao nibs - with 250% less sugar than its leading competitor, Hella provides people with a more wholesome product than the overly-sweet childhood treat they’re familiar with.


“Hella is the epitome of an old favorite made for the modern, health-conscious person who wants to actually taste the hazelnuts and cocoa, not sugar,” said Jessica Young, founder and CEO of BUBBLE, “It’s addicting, and I keep finding new ways to enjoy it whether it’s over a bowl of oatmeal, in a smoothie or just by the spoonful.”

Keeping up with customer demand has been a bit of a task for Bubble. Hella has most recently garnered attention from Oprah Magazine deeming the chocolate hazelnut spread as one that hits the sweet spot and doesn’t parade around as a glorified frosting, “(it’s) lower in sugar and doesn’t have unpronounceable ingredients.”

Hella is exclusively available on getintothebubble.com at $9 for a 6-ounce jar. To learn more about Bubble and sign up for the new product waitlist, visit getintothebubble.com